Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our 'new' band 'bus'

We are SO excited to have our very own wheels for the band! We bought a 1986 Georgie Boy Encounter, 35 ft long, to help accomodate our family's music travels. We are ready to roll!


  1. Nice! And it's not like a school bus or anything. What is the inside like?

  2. Great!!!
    You ARE ready to roll..:)

  3. Janet, the inside is VERY nice!!! A nice size living room area, a fabulous kitchen with all the "extras", and a REALLY big bedroom and bath!!! We'll have to show it off to ya sometime! :)

    Kendra, YES...we are READY TO ROLL!!!! :) Who knows...we may roll past your way sometime!!! :)

    Thanks for posting!!!

  4. We would be glad to have you over our way sometime...:)!!

  5. We enjoyed seeing you this past wk. end ,Cole Family!!
    We always enjoy the Abbott's get together!!:)

    Oh,and Brad when is the wedding?LOL!!!:)

    Just Kidding!!!:)

    See You Guys,
    Kendy Jo