Saturday, August 22, 2009

Final fling before school!

We went to Silver Dollar City yesterday for the last celebration of Summer. I guess the boys thought this picture was fitting since school is soon to be starting. Poor Brad, he couldn't go because of work and college. The jail of life has already slammed it to him! In the picture, L to R, Logan, Madison, Brayden Cole, Travis and Brook Cole.

Breakdown...the dreaded word when you're on the road!

After refueling on our way to a gig, the Suburban wouldn't start. The starter decided it was time to die. Not good when the schedule is tight! Thankfully, we were at Wood Shed gas station in Edna (only 6 miles from our house) and we were able to get Orin & Retha's van and Brad's car. We unloaded the Suburban, loaded their vehicles and were on the way again, only 30 minutes later. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spring River Fly Shop, Mammoth Springs, AR

The guys enjoyed a visit to the Spring River Fly Shop, Mammoth Springs, AR. This is the fly shop, owned by Dale Sorrell and Mark Crawford, that Madison ties flies for. Here Mark is showing them a new fly pattern to tie. Check out