Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Great Salt Plains of Oklahoma

Our last stop on this roadtrip was at the Great Salt Plains in NW Oklahoma. Here the guys are digging for Selenite crystals. All the white is salt...we know...we tasted it. :) It was a wonderful music roadtrip and vacation!

A definite fly fisherman!

While we were blazing a trail up the mountain, Madison was busy catching trout. He caught a total of 38 that day.

We made it!

Proof that we made it! Madison stayed down below since fishing was more important to him. :)

Which way is North???

Trying to decide which way we are heading as we start our climb up the mountain.

Headed for the top!

When we arrived at Coyote Creek, Brad saw a cross way on top of this mountain and asked, "Aunt Lynette, are you up to climbing up there?" Silly me, I said, "Why not??" About a fourth of the way up, I was beginning to wander if I could make it.

Rio Grande Gorge

Isn't God's landscaping just beautiful? We topped a mountain and there right before our eyes was the Rio Grande Gorge...ous!

The Coles just RVing!

This was just one of the many photo stops that we made. The boys were ready to get to the mountains and set up camp. :)

Some great guys!

The boys took time to pose for a picture on the streets of Santa Fe. Notice Logan's t-shirt...he loved the Triple L Band shirts that Amy gave him. He advertised all over NM for them! :)

What a contrast!

At our show in Rio Rancho, NM, Brad made quite an impression on this little lady. He was almost double her height!

Our great friends of Triple L Band

Not only are the Millers of Triple L Band great musicians, they are an awesome family and wonderful friends! Thanks, Len, Amy, Lance, Landon and Levi for showing us such a great time! We love you guys!

And they call this a lake? :)

Since they are able to go fishing at numerous ponds, lakes and some streams, the guys couldn't get used to the fact that this was the only watering hole in Portales, NM. Can you tell they are having withdrawals? :)